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Furniture Removal

Moving can be entirely used to get rid of things you no longer need. In this way, you will finally prepare for a carefree new beginning in your new home. But what about your old furniture? It is not just trash. Your furniture consists of valuable materials that can be partially recycled. In such a case, we can help you to remove your belongings easily. As a commercial company, we have the appropriate staff and trucks to remove large pieces of furniture, small pieces of furniture, and so-called individual pieces of furniture in the shortest possible time. Afterward, it will be sent for recycling. Our professionals will take care of everything from start to finish. We work for everyone: private furniture buyers, furniture studios, private landlords, mail-order delivery companies, real estate administrators, and commercial housing associations. If you have old furniture that has been left unused in your home or office, you can contact us. We can help you get rid of furniture in Boston professionally and legally. You don’t have to think about what to do with your belongings. It will be our responsibility.

Our Advantages


Our company provides comprehensive furniture removal in Boston, MA. We work with many organizations where we transport items directly for disposal. Cooperation with our company offers comfort and safety. We take responsibility for every removal step.


It can be even lower as a part of long-term cooperation, with large orders and regular customers. You can find out the exact cost of furniture removal from our managers. We are waiting for your call.


You don’t need to look for a truck and people or control the working process yourself if you have to remove furniture in Boston. Premier Junk Removal takes care of people’s comfort by performing the best service.


Our specialists have extensive experience. They are entrusted with highly qualified work and ready to perform all the actions you need. Their professional approach, combined with excellent technical equipment, will help to solve the tasks quickly.


We are attentive to each client’s requirements. As a result, our customers feel very comfortable. You can be sure that our furniture removal service in Boston will not disappoint you. We are here to help you.


Premier Junk Removal works following the terms of the contract. We negotiate all the details with a client in advance. Our specialists arrive right on time. You do not have to wait for them all day.

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There was an old piano at home that I couldn’t throw away. It wouldn’t fit in the doorway. I called the company and explained the situation. The guys came and helped me solve the problem quickly. They took the piano apart and put it out piece by piece. Thank you guys for your help!

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Robert J.

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We had old furniture left over after we moved to a new house. There was no time to sell it. We decided to hire a furniture disposal company and contacted Premier Junk Removal. Fast, reliable, and affordable! We are thrilled with their service!

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Victor R.

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I’ve recently read that old furniture can be recycled. I had my grandmother’s old couch in the garage. I’ve decided to send it for recycling. Premier Junk Removal is the best company for such a demanding job. I’m joyful with their friendly consultants and high-quality service.

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Jennifer H.

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What kind of furniture do we remove?

Tables. We will help to remove your old tables for recycling.
Dressers. If you need to dispose of your old closet, call us!
Chairs. Do you have unnecessary chairs? We will gladly take them away.
Armoires. If you want to remove your armoire easily, give us a call.
Bookshelves. Don’t you know what to do with your bookshelf? Contact us. We will help to get rid of it.
Cribs. Premier Junk Removal will quickly remove this piece of furniture.
Washbasins. Do you have left a washbasin after an apartment renovation? Our specialists know how to solve this problem.
Beds. Our team will ensure the safe removal of your old bed.
Musical instruments. Our company will remove your antiquated piano at any time.
Workout Equipments. We will get rid of your workout equipment in Boston at a minimal cost.
Filing Cabinets. Filing Cabinet is a recyclable piece of furniture. All you have to do is contact us.
Mattresses. If you don’t have anyone to give away your old mattress, let us know.
Freezers. We can easily dispose of your freezer if you no longer need it.
Monitors. We will make sure your monitor is removed quickly and smoothly.
Settees. Do you have an unnecessary settee? We are ready to deal with it.
Electronics. Are you tired of your old electronics? Feel free to contact us.
Dishwashers. Do you want to get rid of your dishwasher? We dispose of it easily.
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